our new years eve celebration

i know, i’m about three weeks late on this post…but better late than never…right guys? (but never late is better. -drake LOL)

our good pals from sacramento all drove down to our house in fresno to par-tay! since our house is big enough to accommodate a small village, everyone had a place to stay the night.
i made three different raw vegan nut cheeses. (yes, i am bragging a little.)
this one was my favorite.
this one was everyone else’s favorite.
i made raw pizzaonion rings, zucchini hummus & had lots of fresh fruit. we made “regular” cheese pizza too & baked sweet potato & reg. potato fries. elizabeth made a vegan coleslaw (loosely based on this recipe), which actually still tasted good the next day too!
olga & aleksey brought their own supplies and made (absolutely delicious) vintage cocktails for everyone. (basically all the good stuff in cocktails minus the gross fillers)
my sister made my favorite vegan pecan pie, for dessert (we ended up eating it for breakfast too!) & also juiced about 25 grapefruits! (my favorite too)

it was a kid-friendly party. actually, everyone who came had a child (or two!). at some point, all the kids (except for baby mila) were playing together & my nephew (i think being the only boy surrounded by all girls may have contributed to his braveness that night) decided it was a good idea to climb up to the top bookshelf & jump down onto a blow up mattress… needless to say he twisted his ankle. (but everyone thought he was so cool…so i guess it was worth it?)
we had a sort of western-y theme going. most of us wore our regular clothes we wanted to wear, but with a tiny bit of western flare. bolo ties, bandanas, cowboy hats, cowboy boots…
while the kiddos watched a movie, the adults played cards against humanity… really fun! i’ve been trying to get people to play with us ever since nye, but no luck yet!

the next morning, we all hung around drinking coffee, eating left overs & just relaxing. we took our favorite walk & fed the horse (organic) carrots. baby mila wasn’t too sure about the horse, but did so good! i remember when our neighbor’s baby first saw coop & rozzy, he cried. our neighbor assured us, it wasn’t b/c they were hairless cats, but that this was the first animal their son had ever seen. so anyway. the horse was sweet & the walk was perfect. i wish everyone came to our house like this every month…

ok, well… happy new year everyone! i didn’t make any resolutions b/c i realize they’re always same. eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family, read more etc etc.

IMG_9672 IMG_9679 IMG_9692 IMG_9691 IMG_9708 IMG_9719 IMG_9734 IMG_9755

IMG_9828 IMG_9838


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  1. elizabeth · January 24, 2014 Reply

    such a good time! man mila already got so much bigger from those pics. she does look so unsure and skeptical lol.

  2. Denise · January 24, 2014 Reply

    Could we get the recipe for the vegan pecan pie, please? :)

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