your thursday playlist

la luz – “easy baby”
this song is so pretty. sounds like a 50’s doo wop band covering radiohead’s “creep” at a high school dance.

the everly brothers – “born to lose”
for some sad reason the phrase “born to lose” keeps appearing in our lives lately. i don’t know the full history behind it, but i’ve always kinda hated it. i think i’m an optimist turned realist, but i still believe i’m born to win! lol

the felice brothers – “saturday night”
don’t know a whole lot about these guys but i came across this song and liked it straight away. seems like it’d be good live.

tobias jesso jr. – “hollywood”
produced by chet j.r. white from girls. the song writing is really strong and the piano/vocal is all you need.

ariel pink – “picture me gone”
we went to see julian casablancas at the wiltern. it was a wild show, we loved it. the surprise opener was ariel pink and we loved that too. this song is an instant hit. check out this performance with the ps22 chorus.

father john misty – “bored in the usa”
one of our favorite dudes. excited for his new album. the laughs you hear are a laugh track, on purpose. it’s a bit jarring at first but i think it actually drives home the numb feeling.

dominique laurent – “po√®me de l’azur”
i found this song through instagram. josiah steinbrick is an awesome musician and he posts little clips from his vinyl collection. his wife started our new favorite restaurant (just a couple blocks from our apt!) called kitchen mouse.

johnny cash – “i heard that lonesome whistle blow” (apparat remix)
this was on the music player during our recent virgin airlines flight to nyc. not usually a fan of remixes but i’m really into this one.

honorable mention – chris brown featuring usher – “new flame


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new york new york

instagram is really my blog these days.

nate & i went to new york recently, and i didn’t bring my camera with me. on purpose. when we got into nyc, we went and bought a disposable camera each, and of course we had our phones too, but mostly just took photos with our disposable cameras.

i liked doing that, b/c it made me really think about the photo i was taking. i’m so used to just taking 10 shots of the same thing to make sure i got the right one, that just thinking about it for a sec, just before pressing the shutter was refreshing.

nyc was great. we went out to eat everyday, and spent all our money that way. hey, to each his own. i love food. (i know, who doesn’t? but i really love food.)
i ate bagels three times. i actually hated bagels, until i lived in nyc. my first nyc bagel was at the bagelsmith in williamsburg. i got tofu chive cream cheese on an everything bagel. it was the best bagel i’d ever had! still warm, and almost fluffy (not dense and dry, like store bought) & not too much cream cheese.
funny, i have more bagel stories, but i better just post the photos from our cameras. eeevveryone is waiting. (lol).
for food photos, and to see what i ate in nyc (& what i eat) follow my hungryrightmeow IG.

it was pretty chilly fall weather in new york. just what we were hoping for. i love LA weather, but i think nate would prefer it to be a little more gloomy and cold, longer. hey, can’t win em all, am i right?
















and that’s all.
thanks to our good pals, greg & melody, for letting us stay with them in park slope.
& thanks to nate for letting me include his photos here too! (photos # 2,4,6-10, 12 & 15)
aaand, thanks to new york, for being the insane & beautiful city that it is. the end.


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road trippin’ out

our best pals from nyc came to visit.
b/c of them, we ended up unpacking ASAP and tried to set up our apt, as if we’d been livin’ in it for a while. we took them around town, to our favorite restaurants, bars & other fun places. since melody, a fellow cat lover, is also vegan too, it was the easiest thing in the world to impress her with the city’s vegan friendly restaurants. we’re working on getting them to move here…and i think it’s working: )

so here are photos from our trip, most were taken by our talented friend greg (aka slavic humour).







we went to ojai, for the first time, and camped at lake casitas. we had cocktails at Azu and i made a sort of un-camping camping dinner. kale & lentils curry over quinoa. it was after dark when we sat down to eat, so no photos. and no recipe, bc it was a magic of the night that made it “the best food ever.” ;) we ate dinner, roasted (vegan) marshmallows, and listened to nate read (absurd) russian “fairy tales” (read sample of one such story below) and greg read polish jokes. funniest jokes anyone had ever heard, that night.

russian style fairy tale
“the stubborn wife”
Once a peasant shaved his beard and said to his wife: “Look how well i have shaved.” ” But you haven’t shaved, you have only clipped your beard!” “You’re lying, you wretch, I have shaved.””No, it’s clipped.”The husband thrashed his wife and insisted: “Say it’s shaved, or I’ll drown you!””Do what you will, it’s still clipped.” He took her to the river to drown her. “Say it’s shaved!””No, it’s clipped.” He led her into the water up to her neck and shoved her head in. “Say it’s shaved!” The wife could no longer speak, but she raised her hand from the water and showed by moving two fingers like a pair of scissors that his beard was clipped.

so anyway! here are some more photos!











i’ll close with this great little video greg made, my favorite!


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stuff in the shop

hey guys,
we’ve listed a bunch of new things in our shop!

here are some of our favorites! click image to see more info. still working out our backdrop & studio set up, ha, so enjoy! :)

striped dresssilk blousesquigglyfloral short dressfloral stained glassbrucewaylonarmy shirtleather vest


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we live in LA now

we sold our dream house in fresno, and moved into our dream apt in highland park, Los Angeles. we’ve unpacked, and loving everything about los angeles. first couple weeks felt like we were on a honeymoon, again. we went out to all the restaurants and bars near us, went to shows, the beach, flea markets and already took a road trip to ojai and big sur. we’re almost giddy about being here again. fresno was great for us, when it happened. but now, LA is great for us. we’re finally updating our etsy shop! yay! we have some cool stuff coming. & before you know it, we’ll be recording music and playing shows again.

so that’s what’s been going on here.
i post a lot on instagram, so see ya there, until my next update. here are some recent phone pics, just b/c.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_7803

see ya later!


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